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Nathan and Ida Belyer settled In Toms River around 1928. They came  from  North Jersey where Mr. Belyer ran his own trucking business, Bel-Trucking.

The Belyers settled into poultry farming along with the handful of Jewish farmers already here.  Mr. Belyer immediately became involved in the embryo co-operative  movements in the area.

Mr. Belyer was a capable, educated man who undertook the  bookkeeping involved In many of the organizations. He was the secretary for the  Farmers'  Credit  Union for almost all its years.

At the start of the White Oak Poultrymen's Co-operative Association, Mr. Belyer kept the farm supplies of the Co-operative in his cellar. He was disturbed from his own work many times a day when someone  drove up to buy an egg basket, a chicken crate, a water pail or some other necessary piece of equipment. He greeted each person pleasantly , even as he left his own work to attend to the business of the White  Oak Poultrymen's Co-op.

Thus Nathan and Ida Belyer took their places in the Toms River Community of Jewish farmers , always helpful, always pleasant, and in Nat Belyer's case, always with the right word when there was a question of the direction an organization should take.

They left no children and the world is probably a little worse off for it.

Nathan Belyer died in 1974
Ida Belyer died in 1975