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Joseph Shaiman first came to the Lakewood area as a visitor in 1929 from the Bronx, New York, where he resided with his wife, Gertrude, and his sons Bernard and Hyman.

When the depression of the 1930s hit the country, he lost his job as a carpenter on high rise buildings in New York City.

In 1931 he purchased sixteen acres of land on Chestnut Street in Lakewood, keeping eight acres for himself, and selling the other eight. On this site he proceeded  to construct what at that time was considered one of the most modern poultry farms in the area. The entire farm including the living house was built by himself.

Almost all of the buildings are still in use at the present time. The farm and also some additional rented units in the Toms River area were in continuous operation until 1963 when economic conditions in the poultry industry made it necessary to discontinue operation.

Mr. Shaiman passed away in 1963. He is survived by his wife, Gertrude, his sons, Bernard and Hyman, and four grandchildren, Leo, Andrew, Joseph and Michael, all residing in the Lakewood - Toms River area.