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Max Rosenkranz came to Toms River in 1923. Because of his agricultural background he was interested to settle in a farm area. He was referred by the Jewish Agricultural Society and settled here with his son Jack and later followed by daughter Mae. His younger four children were left in Europe (Poland) with their grandparents.

A year or so later he began farming on Church Road. It is still his home after more than fifty years.

The younger four children; Sid, Tanya , Ben and Bernice arrived in Toms River in 1929 just before the stock market crash.

The first Impression was the friendliness and closeness of all the Jewish families. The cooperative spirit was superb in every phase of the lives of our family. While the Community House was the focal point of all the Jewish family, the individual families like the Kenvin's and Bear's, stood out in our minds, especially Max Kenvin. Throughout the summer that we arrived, Mr. Kenvin visited every day to prepare us for the Toms River School in September.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Baer were our second parents. There was so much cooperation in everything. Early school years were most memorable. Teachers were much more professional and dedicated .

The community acted like an extended family. There was no such thing as a nuclear family. Every household could count on other members of the community for supportive aid. Five of the six children live in Ocean County and the sixth in Clifton. There are 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

The grandchildren have chosen varied ways of life. The oldest grandson is a Lieutenant Colonel in Air Force Reserve. Others became business men, a teacher, a banker, an anthropologist serving in Africa , a farmer in a cooperative with the Mennonites in Pennsylvania, a building project manager and an international trade coordinator.

The patriarch of the family, who is in his 95th year is still living in the old homestead, still alert and very interested in his family , Congregation and Community. His oldest great granddaughter is a college student.