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Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Shenkin came to Toms River in May 1933. They wanted to be near the center of Toms River Jewish life, so they settled on the Old Freehold Road near the Jewish Community Center. They built a modern farm and home.  Mr. Shenkin believed in being active in the area where he lived. He left his other affiliations in New York City and became a very active member of the Jewish Community Center and its Religious affairs. He was influential in enlarging the religious activities of the Jewish Community Center.

It was through his efforts and knowledge that the Jewish Community Center started the first Jewish cemetery. This was in 1939. No longer was it necessary to take the dead to Lakewood or elsewhere.   The Chevra Kadisha and officers of the Community  met once a year at his home. Mrs. Shenkin always had a good dinner awaiting them. Everything was always done in a friendly, personal manner.

It was in March 1946 that the Religious arm of Community delivered a Torah from the home of Mr. & Mrs. Shenkin to the Community. This was done in the  Old  Country fashion and many people walked from his home to the Community building.

One month later on April 17, 1945 at the age of 69, Mr. Shenkin died, greatly missed by family and all the people in the area.