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The Podolsky family, Sam, Ida, their children Regina and Bernie, arrived in Toms River from NYC in March 1944, with the last snow of the season. The third and oldest child Odif, was already married and living elsewhere.

Being co-operative in spirit and idealistic, they were active in all the farm co-operatives of that period; FEPCO, White Oak and FLF. It was quite common and  economically necessary for one or more family members to seek work off the farm. Such was Sam's situation. He commuted to NYC and Lakewood, working at his former trade of clothing presser.

The Podolsky family participated, as Ida does today, in the Community and cultural life of the Community. Ida, an original organizer of the Jewish  Farmers'  Chorus,  is still active and a devoted member.

Regina married Jack Pyenson, a member of an early farm family. She has three sons, one of whom is married. Bernie attended Toms River high school, is married and has 4 children. Today, Odif, Regina and Bernie visit their mother Ida, who still resides in the original farm home on Cedar Grove Road.